Faithfully Glorfy God

Without question, protecting your family from the world's destructive influences requires much hard work. But there is one thing that, more than any other, will make success possible. It is love! close loving family bonds will make your home a safe haven and will promote, communication, which is a great protection from bad influences. 

Further, cultivating another kind of love is even more important love of God. When such love permeates the family, the children are mere likely to grow up hating the very idea if displeasing God by succumbing to wordly influences. 

And parents who love God from the heart will seek to imitate his loving, reasonable, balanced personality. (Ephesians 5:1; James 3:17) If parents do that, their children will have no reason to view worship of God as just a list of things they are not allowed to do or as a way of life devoid of fun or laughter,was god sadistically absent? 

That is what Robert Mcclory, professor emeritus of journalism at the North western University Medill schoo of Journalism, asked after hurricane katrina devastated the New Orleans area of the U.S. We may want to try to exonerate the almighty, for permitting disasters that rip apart vulnerable  communities. 

But is God absent in such situations? No. Mcclory insists. 

Talking about the Katrina tragedy, he said that God was invisibly present "with the suffering and dying. He was in individuals, communties, churches, and schools that organized aid for the victims and took evacuees into their cities and homes. 

He was with the hundreds of thousands who showed compassion by prayer and financial assistance." `
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