God is a choice for non-believers and believers

Why shouldest thou be as man astonied, as a mighty man hat cannot save? yet thou, O lord,art in the midst of us, and weave called by thy name; leave us not. How can you show you want to serve God? Jesus told his followers: 

"Go...and make disciples of people of all the nations,baptizing them."(Matthew 28:19) The word"baptize" comes from the Greek term  meaning "dip" christian baptism therefore means being fully dipped,or immersed, in water,water baptism is a requirement for all who want to have a relationship with God. 

Baptism publicly indicates your desire to serve God. It shows that you are delighted to do God's will (Psalms 40:7,8) To qualify for Baptism, however, you must take definite steps. 

You have already begun to take the first step By taking in knowledge of  God and Jesus Christ, perhaps by means of a systematic study of the bible.
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