give us our daily bread

The heart of them that hath understanding seeketh knowledge,Better is a dinner of herbs where love is ;Understanding  is a wellspring of life unto them that hath it. But the word from the mouth of God is that all God's people should have a fair share of God's food from God's earth.

You are blessed, and I tell you that you are Kefa the rock and upon this rock I will build my church. I will give you the keys to the kingdom of the skies, and whatever you open on the earth will be open in the heavens.Christians who place their ultimate trust in God have the same potential to grow in their faith as those who place that trust else where.

There is nothing to fear in faith that is broader, deeper, and more mature. Our spirits wants us to soar, not just stay safe.If we dare to begin our deepest longings, they will always pull us forward as we respond to the invitation of spirit to become more than we presently are.God can refresh your mind with strength to live life well for his glory. shape my life as only you can guiding each day by your loving plan.

Our greatest hope here below is help from God above.
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