In these things serveth Jesus Christ this is acceptable to God.  

Let us therefore, follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another.I have no presumpton that the greatest prayer of Christianity must be the greatest prayer for other religions.

Does not your own greatest prayer speak exculsively to the followers of your religion?or does it speak to the conscience of the entire world? I believe the greatest prayer in every religion should speak to all the world and for all the earth.

Life's essential ingredients... take 4 large tablespoons of love and understanding and add to half a jug of humor. Gently stir in a 1/4 cup of friendship and let it gently simmer. After only a few minutes add 6 cubes of heart and soul sprinkle in 3 talblespoons of adventure. let it stand for 15 minutes and chill. Once chilled give it a good shake and voila! It's this intoxicating mix that makes us happy!

moments of spiritual awakening are usually accompanied by a sense of peace, joy, and expansive lightness of being.we continue to consent to the inflow of grace,we will learn to see and to know /God's presence with us We can learn not only to trust God presence but also to learn to float on the river of God's love.

As we do, we receive the gift of a deeper knowing than that which is ever possible by means of our senses. We receive the gift of knowing in faith and love.

Love is giving for the world's needs love is sharing as the spirit leads. 
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