God is the house of the lord,which hath showed us light: bind the sacrifice with cords, even unto the horns of the altar. It's a cultural phenomenon, and it's rooted in an unfortunate strain of anti-intellectualism and distrust of those with close association with the white power structure.... Some black nationalistre whispering that they're all crabs in a barrel,trying to get to the top. So ultimately a decision about good and  bad is based on experience and feeling. Our  mind has the final word. I think it is mental tranquility that allows us relaxation and happiness. In short, it is the doctrine that practical righteousness invariably brings about God's benediction and p prosperity in life of the one doing good,and contrariwise, unrighteousness brings about God's malediction and ruin for the perpetrator. In the last decades I have seen scientific theory and research take a decidedly positive turn. As all science has expanded,innovative scientific theories and research on evolution, emotion, cognition, consciousness, infant development, and brain studies have opened up new horizons for the study of human potential. Great God of the universe, we stand amazed that you are the Alpha and -the beginning and the End-and so much more. Thank you that we can worship and magnify you.
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