"But the fruit of the spirit is love,joy,peace,longsuffering,gentleness,
goodness,faith,meekness,temperance: against such there is no law.

"Galatians 5:22 KJV verse of the day for Saturday January 5,2013. Issues cause for action which,bring about events leading to reform using resources from the environment. A non-profit agenda clean-up. In the early part of the seventh century A.D., the king of Tibet,Songtsten Gampo married two buddist princesses,one from Nepal,the other from China.

Through their influence,he became a buddhism in Tibet by building serveral temples and sending one of his ministers,Thonmi Sambhota, to India To create a written script so that Buddhist texts could be translated from Sanskirt into Tibeton.

Do elites and heros pursue happiness,or do they work at mastering a stoic indifference to fate?

Courageous self-mastery can actually bring a form of proud and self-contented happiness.

In the Christian context, this has usually meant an increasing avoidance of accepting the neat packages provided by unthinking biblicism, dogmatism tradition -a point made by the late historian of theology Jaroslav Pelikan when he defined tradition as "the living faith of the dead,and traditionalism as "the dead faith of the living"), moralism (not to be confused with morality) or so-called liberalism
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