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Who hath also sealed us,and given the earnest of the spirit our hearts.Corinthians2  1:22

At sea,naturally one would think of isolation, On the contrary it's a form of freedom and togetherness. Propelled partly or entirely by sails,that's the description  of a sailboat
A recreational Boat or ship is a yacht,this term originated from the dutch Jacht meaning "hunt" All major World religions have the same message as far as love and compassion are concerned,although their expressions may be different.

We are not called to be gullible,witless and dull as cattle. Being a "sheep" of the good Shepard was never intended to suggest the expected level of a Christian's intelligence. Psychological movements like the "triump of the therapeutic" in post-world war ll american society have been excoriated as a sign of cultural decay,seen
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