I came across some names in the bible and one of them is Aaron, Aaron was Moses older brother. I read that Moses and Aaron were quite the to. Moses was like a God to Pharaoh(speaking with authority); Aaron was like a prophet(addressing the people with the words he was told to speak (from God)

 I need the prayers of those I love while traveling on life's rugged way,that I may true and faithful be,And live for Jesus everyday. The best kind of friend is a praying friend. The Greek word for "truth" is aletheia,and it means rather more than the opposite of falsehood or error.

It can justifiably be translated as "reality" since the word essentially means "not oblivion."

This does not mean that we have no negative aspects to our nature. Negative emotions are also part of our mind. It is very difficult to survive without compassionate feeling. Without anger,not only is survival easier,life it'self is much happier.

Unexpected potential for rewiring or creating new pathways within the brain have been found,and new connections results in recovered or new functions. The findings that an adult can rewire the brain or have a brain that changes itself through conscious action,....appear revolutionary,it is.

An extraordinary example of the power of voluntary,sustained,self-directed action to change for the better.
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