Thanks for roses by the wayside, Thanks for thorns their stems contain. Thanks for homes and thanks for fireside Thanks for hope that sweet refrain!

In all circumstances, we can give thanks that God has not left us on our own.

Ananias in the bible had three people that bored that name the first was a member of the early christian congregation who led the apostles following Pentecost this Christian and his wife created a fund to assistance.

The funds were mishandled resulted in their death. The second was sent to heal a blind man and give testimony along with baptism the third was known for greed and cruelty and made was made king from 48 to 58 for a Christian there are, strictly speaking,no chances.

 A secret Master of the ceremonies has been at work Christ,who said to the disciples,"ye have not chosen me,but I have chosen you,"

 If you can help,then help. If you.cannot,at least Refrain from harming others.

The reason is our interdependence. Our future depends on others.

It would seem difficult, if not impossible,to be happy while simultaneously driven by hate,envy,Venegefulness,fear,greed,lust or guilty shame. When negative emotions are causing harm to self or others,they can hardly feel worth while and positive.

Emotional intelligence is described as including the ability to recognize emotions in self and others and to successfully regulate them appropriately. Individual regulation of emotion consists of the ability to dampen,redirect, or amplify the spontaneous emotional responses.
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