For your Holy Book we thank you;
May it's message be our guide,
May we understand the wisdom of the truth your laws provide.

God's warnings are to protect us,not to punish us.

Cush- The name Cush has different meanings and make for interesting reading. It also explains why some of our most evil practices occur when the wrong mindset is in play.Isaiah 45:14  John 19:6  Daniel 7:1-28

Day and Night come and go unceasingly without considering whether we utilize them properly or not. They never wait for something good.

Not only day and night but our breathing,too,is an ongoing process when attentive groups build up trust in one,another,as the rule of confidentiality is followed,members feel free to disclose their problems and failures as well as their successes.

Mutually sharing a personal private world with it's moral struggles provides mutual enlightenment. Certainly his views that sin was propagated through sexuality didn't help the relations between the sexes any, increasing simultaneously both an exaggerated fear of and consequent fascination with sex, nothing is sure to kill the trust and relaxed atmosphere that friendship requires than that kind of over wrought,mostly male mentality.

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