Jehu-The old testament had the basic qualities that could have made him a great success.

He was a man of immediate action but without ultimate purpose. Jehu settled for mediocrity.

Have you asked God to take charge of your strengths and abilities?

The Christ of God to glorify,his grace in us to magnify; his word of life to all make known. Be this our work,and this alone. Let your life as well as your lips speak for Christ.

 Therefore the discomfort and unease leave no trace of darkness on your mind. You have to be very clear and very alert if you voluntarily take on others suffering.

 Someone who's profanity points to the gospel and its unimaginable sign up contradiction, without this melancholy,loneliness, skeptical growls and rumblings, we would lack one of the most sophisticated  texts of the old testament and we would have one less intellectual stepping stone to the wisdom of the new.

No jury has yet delivered a final verdict on the claim that scientific understanding human consciousness,human emotions, and human powers of will.

The innovative scientific efforts for becoming happy will be found to be valid, and usefully put into practice for the betterment of our human condition.
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