God love is unconditional

Whosoever believeth that Jesus Christ is born of God for there are three that bear record in heaven The father, The word, and The Holy Ghost God has allowed me to go through some things so, I could have can administer to others and have a testimony.

I have gone through things in which I did not understand, some people may think because of my administering I may have been through the same, but the fact is God has allowed me to be a wittness of and not a part of . To be in the fire and not get burned,.not even smelling like smoke. Which is something only God can do.

It is hard sometimes not to question God, but everything works together. when God is leading you, he has already spoken to your soul. Love God and follow his commandments.

To succeed in life we did not need anything but our own personal power and persuasive abilities God has the skills to find and fill peoples needs, and we do not need money status, a vehicle , or anything else the culture teaches us we need to make our lives the way we want them.

Remember, we are now living in an age where the technology needed to communicate messages to almost the entire world is already in place and being used via radio, television, movies, the internet and print, we have seen how effective the media can be for selling products and spreading cultural influences. We are just now learning how effective they can be in changing the world for the better. By effectively using our understanding of the triggers to human behavior and the present-day technology for communicating these new representations to the masses, we can change the future of our world.
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