WBJMinistry in Jesus name: Sacrifice Of Savagery

WBJMinistry in Jesus name: Sacrifice Of Savagery

Sacrifice Of Savagery

Psalms 81: 1~8

1 A Psalm of Asaph. God has stood in the synagogue of gods, but, in their midst, he decides between gods.

2 How long will you judge unjustly and favor the faces of sinners?

3 Judge for the indigent and the orphan. Do justice to the humble and the poor.

4 Rescue the poor, and free the needy from the hand of the sinner.

5 They did not know and did not understand. They wander in darkness. All the foundations of the earth will be moved.

6 I said: You are gods, and all of you are sons of the Most High.

7 But you will die like men, and you will fall just like one of the princes.

8 Rise up, O God. Judge the earth. For you will inherit it with all the nations.


WBJMinistry in Jesus name: Technological God's world

WBJMinistry in Jesus name: Technological God's world

Technological God's world

Psalms 72: 1~28

1 A Psalm of Asaph. How good is God to Israel, to those uwhare upright in heart.

2 But my feet were nearly moved; my steps had nearly slipped.

3 For I was zealous over the iniquitous, seeing the peacefulness of sinners.

4 For they have no respect for their death, nor do they have support in their wounds.

5 They are not with the hardships of men, nor will they be scourged with men.

6 Therefore, arrogance has held on to them. They have been covered with their iniquity and impiety.

7 Their iniquity has proceeded, as if from fat. They have parted from the affection of the heart.

8 They have thought and spoken wickedness. They have spoken iniquity in high places.

9 They have set their mouth against heaven, and their tongue has traversed the earth.

10 Therefore, my people will be converted here, and fullness of days will be found in them.

11 And they said, "How would God know?" and, "Isnt there knowledge in high places?"

12 Behold, these are sinners, and, abounding in this age, they have obtained riches.

13 And I said: So then, it is without purpose that I have justified my heart and washed my hands among the innocent.

14 And I have been scourged all day long, and I have received my chastisement in the mornings.

15 If I were to say that I would explain this: Behold, I would condemn this nation of your sons.

16 I considered, so that I might know this. It is a hardship before me,

17 until I may enter into the Sanctuary of God, and understand it to its last part.

18 So, because of deceitfulness, truly, you have placed it before them. While they were being lifted up, you were casting them down.

19 How have they been brought to desolation? They have suddenly failed. They have perished because of their iniquity.

20 As a dream is to those who awaken, O Lord, so will you reduce their image to nothing in your city.

21 For my heart has been inflamed, and my temperament has been changed.

22 And so, I have been reduced to nothing, and I did not know it.

23 I have become like a beast of burden to you, and I am always with you.

24 You have held my right hand. And in your will, you have conducted me, and with your glory, you have taken me up.

25 For what is there for me in heaven? And what do I wish for on earth before you?

26 My body has failed, and my heart: O God of my heart, and God my portion, into eternity.

27 For behold, those who put themselves far from you will perish. You have perished all those who fornicate away from you.

28 But it is good for me to adhere to God, to put my hope in the Lord God, so that I may announce all your prophecies, at the gates of the daughter of Zion.


Conservation Circle Of God


Psalms 59: 1~14
1 Unto the end. For those who will be changed, with the inscription of a title, of David himself, for instruction:

2 when he set fire to Mesopotamia of Syria and Sobal, and Joab turned back and struck Idumea, in the valley of the salt pits, twelve thousand men.

3 O God, you have rejected us, and you have ruined us. You became angry, and yet you have been merciful to us.

4 You have moved the earth, and you have disturbed it. Heal its breaches, for it has been moved.

5 You have revealed to your people difficulties. You have made us drink the wine of remorse.

6 You have given a warning sign to those who fear you, so that they may flee from before the face of the bow, so that your beloved may be delivered.

7 Save me with your right hand, and hear me.

8 God has spoken in his holy place: I will rejoice, and I will divide Shechem, and I will measure the steep valley of the tabernacles.

9 Gilead is mine, and Manasseh is mine. And Ephraim is the strength of my head. Judah is my king.

10 Moab is the cooking pot of my hope. Into Idumea, I will extend my shoe. To me, the foreigners have been made subject.

11 Who will lead me into the fortified city? Who will lead me all the way to Idumea?

12 Will not you, O God, who has rejected us? And will not you, O God, go out with our armies?

13 Grant us help from tribulation. For salvation from man is empty.

14 In God, we will act virtuously. And those who trouble us, he will lead to nothing.


WBJMinistry in Jesus name: Salvation Bound

WBJMinistry in Jesus name: Salvation Bound

Salvation Bound

Psalms 122:1~4

 A Canticle in steps. I have lifted up my eyes to you, who dwells in the heavens.

2 Behold, as the eyes of the servants are on the hands of their masters, as the eyes of the handmaid are on the hands of her mistress, so our eyes are upon the Lord our God, until he may be merciful to us.

3 Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us. For we have been filled with utter disdain.

4 For our soul has been greatly filled. We are the disgrace of those who have abundance and the disdain of the arrogant.