There is no shame in waiting

How can you keep your courtship honorable? First, make sure that your moral conduct is above reproach. where you live, is holding hands, kissing, or embracing considered appropriate behavior for unmarried couples? Even if such expressions of affection are not frowned upon they should be allowed only when the relationship has reached a point where marriage is definitely planned. Be careful that displays of affection do not escalate into unclean conduct or even fornication. 

(Ephesians 4:18,19; compare Song of Solomon 1:2;2:6,8,5,9,10) Because the heart is treacherous, both of you would be wise to avoid being isolated in a house, an apartment,a parked automobile,or anywhere else that would give opportunity for wrong conduct.(Jeremiah 17:9) keeping your courtship morally clean gives clear evidence that you have self-control and that you put unselfish concern for the other person's welfare ahead of your own desire. 

Second, an honorable courtship also includes honest communication, as for courtship progress toward marriage. Certain matters will need to  be discussed openly. Where will you live, will both of you work secularly? Do you want to have children? when God united the first man and woman in marriage, there was no indication that the union would be only temporary. Adam and Eve were to be together for life. (Genesis 2:24) God's standard for an honorable marriage is the uniting of one male and female. Only gross immorality on the part of one or both mates provides Scriptural grounds for divorce with possibility of remarriage Matthew5:32 Interestingly, there are different kinds of love identified in the bible one is a warm, personal affection for someone, the kind of love that exist between friends(John 11:3) Another is the love that grows between family members (Romans12:10) A third kind is the romantic love that one can have for a member of the opposite sex (Proverbs 5:15-20) of course, all of these should be. cultivated by a wife and a husband, but there is a fourth kind of love, more important than the others.

In the original language of the Christian Greek Scriptures, the word is used at 1John4:8. Where we are told. "God is love." Indeed, "we love. because God first loved us. "1John 4:19) A Christian cultivates such love first for God and then for fellow humans. (Mark 12:29-39) The word a-ga'pe is also used at Ephesians 5:2 Which states;Go on walking in love, just as the Christ also loved you and delivered himself up for you. 

"Jesus said that this kind of love would identify his true followers.

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