Through Jesus Christ we shall have Salvation

Would it not be wonderful to have a part in answering the devil's lying claims, even if it means making certain changes in your life?

Notice that satan said " Everything that a man has he wil give in behalf of his soul.

" The devil would like to see you disobey God and abandon a righteous course when difficulties arise. Whether satan is acting like " a roaring lion "or posing as " an angel of light, " his challenge remains the same: He says that when you are faced with trials or temptations, you will stop serving God.

The value of the quiet presence of our heavenly father and the careful examination of how we have engaged life on a given day has great significance. Perhaps this was the goal of the apostle Paul's challenge for us to redeem the time that is, to make sure we are making the best use of the time God gives us for living and serving.

In the serenity of the evening, we can, in God's presence, get a more accurate perspective on life and how we are living it.
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