Forgive our debts

So, as much as in me, I am ready to preach the gospel to you, for it is the power  of God unto salvation to every one that believeth.

For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith,glory, honour, and peace to every one that worketh good.Which show the work of the law written their hearts.

We owe it to God to run God's world responsibly. We owe God adequate care of all God's creation. We owe it to God to ensure that there is enough food and not too much debt in God's well- run Household.

Keep my commandments. I leave you peace. My peace I give  to you, not as the world gives. Who believes in me will also do the works I do and you  will do ones greater than these, anyone who loves me will keep my word, the comforter, the holy spirit.

If you love me you will be happy.determining our way of being in the world is built around our working understanding of the relationship between self and everything that we perceive to exist beyond our self. It is therefore the core of our identity.

I do not cease to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers. be an encourager by praying,and give opportunities to show love in word and deed.

praying for others is a privilege and a responsibilty.When we truly know Christ we cannot keep the good news about him to ourselves. The lord have been so gracious to save us and give us eternal life. we love you and want to tell everyone we can about your amazing grace. lead us, we pray. spread the gospel.
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