God wants you to know the love that is offered through Jesus Christ

Follow after charity, and desire spiritual gifts, rejoiceth in truth Seek and do not stop seeking until you find. when you find, you will marvel and rule over all. 

The kingdom is in the sky," the birds of the sky will precede you. 

If it's in the sea then fishes will precede you. The kingdom is in you and outside of you. when you know yourself, you will be known and understand that you are children of the most high God. 

We pray to God, It is God's own spirit that cries out in us,with us, from us, through us, with the power of the Holy Spirit.In a view the overall contours of the journey of awakening thus involve a movement toward larger and more attuned to that which is transcendent to one's self. 

Two things can draw us forward, the first is desire, our deepest desires point us beyond our selves and therefore are deeply spiritual.

Our desire to be more than we presently are thus is a desire that is always worth attending to,Understand righteousness and every good path. 

There's so much wisdom to learn, so many ways to grow, We pray that we learn what you would have us to know.
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