The salvation given to us by God the creator of heaven and earth

But if any person love God, the same is known of them.God's name is God's character and identity as publicly acknowledged in the world.

This my command, that you love each other as I have loved you. 

No one has greater love than this,you I have called friends because all things I heard from my father in heaven I have made known to you.

The spirit is always wooing us to further development. 

We are more than our bodies,more than our image, more than our roles, more than our mental products and experiences."If it's good the nation, it's good for society; if it's good for society, it's good for the community; if it's good for the community it's good for the family; and if it's good for the family, it's good for the individual.

I believe that the Holy Bible urges us to refuse to be locked into a conformity that prevents us from following Jesus Christ in living the gospel and becoming all we are meant to be.

This type of direction is increasingly opening our selves to God in faith and truth since this is how the warmth of God's love flows into ourselves and produces an awakening,enlightenment, and transformation.

Turning in openness toward God allows God's life to flow into us.

For by God all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth,visible and invisible.

When we consider the world and everything in it, we can exclaim"The whole earth is full of God's glory,Our God has fashioned earth and sky,sun,moon,and stars beyond compare;how precious is God's holy word it's pages are one they lead us to the living word. 

The bible is God's love letter to us. 
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