God Blesses the Obedient

Abide and continue with all for your furtherance and joy and faith;That your rejoicing may be more abundant in Jesus Christ and that of God.

The reading of scriptures, warms the heart;the way, the word;the continuity from Jesus before to Jesus after the resurrection is significant. Jesus is and ever remains as the revelation of  God.

Jesus is still present in the Christian community.

To all authority was given in heaven and earth,make all nations into students,washing in the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit,know that I am with you, all the days.

Ultimately transcendence, transformation, and healthy development are the same thing.To discover and become more fully the true and full self that you are in Christ.Awakening will also be reflected in a looser attachment to things that previously shaped our identity.This is why I have described the journey we have been examining as a journey into God. As we journey deeper and deeper into God, the me-in-God and the God-in-me become more and more inextricably intertwined,our identity is centered in the spirit.

Participation in the life of the spirit means that we become more like God without becoming less human,because each day is a new opportunity, it will be filled with things we cannot anticipate even prepare for.

Therefore, it's important that we recognize our limitations and lean heavily on God-intentionally choosing to live in grace and strength.In our challenging situations,simple obedience to God, assures us.
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