Turning from our set ways

There is one glory of the sun,and another glory of the moon,and another glory of the stars: for one star differ from another all are in glory.

My yoke is easy and my mastery gentle and you will find rest.

"Holy spirit will come upon you,and the power of the most high will over shadow you ; and the child to be born within will be holy; 

True love is love for the person in terms of who they may become,not simply who they are.

This is not conditional love;it is visionary,trusting love that seeks to hold but never constrains,this takes a great deal of courage and trust,not just in the individual but more importantly in the spirit and in the human capacity to follow the spirit on a journey that is not always mediated by those who provide their care and support,

life is a busy enterprise. 

It  seems there always more things to do,places to go,and people to meet.

We need those kind of reminders in all aspects of our lives.

The people responded as a body by gladly covenanting not only to follow Jesus Christ but to be God's people
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