happiness,all your heart can hold

After this I beheld, and lo, a great multitude,which no man could,of all nations,and kindreds and people,and tongues,stood before the throne, and before the lamb, a thoughtless moralism,morality and ethics are derived from the character of God himself, so a christian believes, the ten commandments and sermon on the mount, regulate our standards of conduct,these are tempered by the Gospel's emphasis on grace,we are not under law,but grace.The sermon on the mount is mostly about how to treat rightly other men on women,and manyof the parables reveal that our final judgement will be based on the same.Forunately, in a beautiful, wonderful~filled world,nature,spirituality,love, and art are generously abundant and contribute to readiness. Art, particularly literature,can be a rich and most reliable resource for inducing happiness; art using words and verbal meanings can gererate happiness and simultaneously communicate understanding of the experience. but happiness is not a material object,rather it is an inner concious experience and human conciousness is still the ultimate unknown frontier of the human intellectual quest. I love smiles and laughter. If one must create the right conditions for it.If your motives are sincere, you get an open attitude in return.The mind didn't come into existence independently, without causes and conditions. All delusions~pride, jealousy,ignorance,and so forth~are forever changing due to causes and conditions,since the mind is a causative phenomenon,it is impermanent. It exist under the control of causes and conditions. If we turn again to look at the sorrow of Christ himself, we find ourselves looking at something close to the heart of our understanding of the nature of God,something of a greater significance to us than either the sorrows of the psalmist or our own personal and communal need to mourn for sin. The one who sees all things as they truly are clearly and perfectly,in whom is the fullness of God. In efforts to increase happiness,the most effective strategy may lie in making efforts to prepare the readiness to receive what nature (or the divine spirit) brings but whatever emerges in the place within you in which you are held within God. In thy name shall they rejoice all the day and in thy righteousness shall thy be exalted,...psalms 89:16
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