The world of love

Much of what is called meditation in christian spirituality would better be desscribed as reflection. Meditiating on scriptures.Thou art worthy,O lord, to receive glory and honour and power;for thou hast created all things,and for thy pleasure they are and were created. Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people "you are not far from the kingdom of God" (Mark 12:34) "reasonable worship and renewing the mind (Rom.12:1-2.

Ours is not a faith for nit-wits,which is not to say that different people don't have different capacities of intellect. It's simply to say that every christian is expected to think to the best of his or her capacity. Skepticism, again, is not the same as doubt, but rather the act of looking hard at things for the purpose of discovering and understanding what may be true.

The key concept here is "truth"We human beings are similar in our desires. For human beings as well as animals,the foundation of society is affection or love. Our basic situation demands that we live together, and hence, we work together. It is a natural law, the function and existence of the world, the planet itself, even the universe, depend on cooperation.

One thing is certain: our response to affliction and suffering is a test of the genuiness of our faith. When we pass that examination,we receive a far greater an "eternal weight of glory" Imagine what it must be like for our heavenly father to listen to our prayers during our devotional time. What God has just said to us goes largely unacknowledged.

In a culture that seeks to minimize family status and reputation, only your own individual integrity can determine your state of mind. Isn't happiness an inner individual experience to which only you have the access code?

Happiness feels good in every bone of your body and mind. Realizing that one's life in general is filled with happy emotional experience that are meaningful and worthwhile is often named "authentic," "real","true","lasting", or " flourshing" happiness. Happiness is present when our positive good feelings are embedded within a life that seems valuable.

All good things that are constructive,happier human experiences are mostly motivated by respect for others rights and concern for others'well-being-compassion , love and kindness.
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