After discipline, restoration.They now knew from experience what it was like to be poor,and despised. They also knew what it was like to be  strangers in a foreign culture. He declare that God will have compassion on them and make if possible for them to return to their homeland. A therapeutic imperative recommending"Do this, do that,or avoid the other " is no longer a controlled scientific empirical study. Advice on how to adopt new thought patterns is not value-free or without bias. You leave standard scientific methods of discovery behind when you embark on giving directions on how to become happy. Scientific empirical investigation of  correlations and causation are experimentally controlled investigations that require a disinterested third-party perspective. You adopt a persuasive advocacy stance when you aim to shape or induce people into valued new subjective experiences. St.Aelred of Rivaulx the twelfth-century English abbo, who might for us be called the "Doctor of Friendship." He was someone who deeply understood the value friendship in Christ,how to define it,and what it's relationship is to God's love. His monastery of Rievaulx was a place where f r where friendship was not allowed to develop among mentors of the community,but was positivity encouraged . Historically, the financial sector has consistently, been the highest source of funds in U.S. Financial interests, the sector includes banks, insurance companies,the real estate, industry, accountants , and other financial professionals. Lawyers, and lobbyist were second,followed  closely by ideological groups. The catch-all "miscellaneous business " and labor unions. When all religions teachrealizatioo,love and brotherhood, how is it that human beings are fighting in the name of religion, especially on our continent? Maybe not in three years, but many teachers say the realization of the absolute can happen in an instant,as opposed to  through a long path.Please comment. It does happens at an invisible level, when causes and conditions are fully ripe then it occurs instantly. Certain extra o ordinary spiritual experiences do take place. The idea of the man who lived next door to us when I was growing up. When Mr. Nienhuis came home he never failed to back his car into the garage. That seemed unusual to me until my mother explained that neils was a volunteer fireman.  If he got call , he had to be ready to the fire station. He backed in so he c could leave quickly when he had to report for duty
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