None of these blessings are earned by the open, empty hands of faith. Believing the Gospel. Lazarus was the friend of Christ, "I believe- I know- that to Christ all of us are Lazarus. His friends are those whom he will raise and bring, through the power of his own resurrection and victory over death, to share his glory. When I died, I knew this." The important point to be made is that positive feelings of emotion and pleasure work for and with the meaningful and moral values of human life. "The word "Ultimate" can also be referred to two ways. Sometimes it may refer to the object of negation, something that is to be refluted. At other times it may refer to the wisdom that one should generate. Jesus is our example of compassion. As we follow Christ's example, a heart of compassion for people can compel us to make a difference in the lives of others. A world in despair needs Christians.
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