Thy testimonies also are my delight,and my counselors. Some of the most memorable and powerful political rhetoric in American history relates to defining and interpreting the "American Dream." This concepts refers to the idea that the United States is a" land of opportunity." Where success depends on hard work, not ones's place in a rigid class system."If you work hard and play by the rules you should be given the chance to go as far as your God-given ability will take you. As such, it rests on beliefs in individualism in their basic interpretations and free enterprise. A positive physiology that religious believers can welcome is it's acceptance of spirituality and religious belief. Many persons are helped to become happy by spiritual and religious practices. Positive psychology is faith friendly in a way that older psychoanalytic and behaviorist orthodoxies never were. A few evolutionary scientists have also begun to see religious belief and practice as important in ensuring human survival and flourishing. In the new testament, the Epistle of James commends Job for his steadfastness in adversity,emphazing along with this particular virtue of his the compassion "and" mercy" of the lord(James 5:11) Try to get rid of the negative aspect and promote or produce positive qualities through analysis. Heavenly Father,I need to remember that what I do is up to  you, but how I do it is up to me whether I am busy or still, may I be peaceable,gentle,humble,kind and loving

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