It is better to follow the message. Of death to life from the true prophet than the path   of life to death of the false  with Christ over friendship in Christ like the "lines " of St. Dorotheos's great circle, the center of which is God, the lines of our individual lives as they relate to and in Christ, should not interfere with another's unique call to discipleship, even though, in God's providence, they must all converge in him. It is very natural for people who remain in a small  village or in a remote place or a bigger city or a bigger country. And sometimes people who are in a big city often prefer to be in a rural or quite place. Desires are always changing. Whence do the obstacles and resistance to happiness and the good come from, if not from human hearts of darkness?  Resistance to the pursuit of happiness and obstacles in it's path must be analyzed fearlessly and honestly. Though the stress and strain to life the thread of faith may break, The cable of God's. faithfulness. No storm can ever shake. Our faith may be tested so that we may trust his faithfulness.
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