Fiscal Crisis

We are one of the worlds most unique and diverse country. We are the United States. President Obama re-election and democratic gains in Congress were suppose to make it easier for the party to  strike a deal with The Republicans to resolve the year end fiscal crisis. Republicans are clearly against the one-third of all Americans. The programs that have been and still ate on the chopping block,it's un-American. In my opinion,Republicans say the revenue to be gained from Mr. Obama's tax proposals would be dwarf by the growing cost of the benefit programs. Cost-cutting proposals should not stand on the shoulders of the programs that can afford it the least. These programs need more of a positive voice attached to it. These programs are American programs that help people and in some cases have been a part of  the American  Dream "you can't raise enough to solve the problem,"said Senator Republican leader,leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. "Additional revenue should be tied to the only thing that will save the country In the long run,and that is reforming entitlements." Allowing tax to increase and insurance premiums to up,as much as is needed to gain a little perspective and then later,we can revise if need be. Mr. Boehner said " the newest entitlement-insurance subsides for more than 20 million people under the health czare law-should be "on the table" in negotiations
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