What are the prospects for this earth?
What hope is there for man?
A world restored through Jesus Christ. In whom we see God's plan. Hope for Christian is a certainty because it's basis is Christ. The current and future impact of minorities and women on American politics is tremendous. As women reach near-parity in some state legislatures, and ethnic minorities gain greater voice in polictical institutions, the implications for public policy,models of leadership, and electoral politics are transformative. The priority here is on "correct feelings." Mainly for those who reject it, "faith" is looked upon as almost the very opposite of reason-as an intellectually vapid submissiveness to some brand or other of religious authority in matters no one could ever rationally prove to be true. "faith" is a "blind leap" into Something irrational, probably superstitious,and easily ridiculed. It belongs to the "baby hood" of human evolution. Thus, it is through practice that you can bring about your inner development. There is a possibility of change. The human mind is always changing peace and happiness must be developed within oneself. Mental changes will occur and you can get an enormous amount of peace and happiness. In terms of humanity the economy will be turned around in the.global crisis,and there is, the.question of world peace. The movement to create and address a new polictics of happiness will slowly work his way to the center.
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