The 2008 presidential race was expected to cost 1Billion! Which would have made it to be the most expensive race in U.S.history,and it was said to do away with the system of publicly funded races.

The fundraising the 2008 presidential race started two years before the election,making it the earliest that candidates have ever started campaigning.

The ability to obtain a job,may also require additional assistance. The world forever changing and we must adapt and change with it,to ensure further development and growth. I believe what sets us apart is our ability to be fair minded,always leaning towards  the betterment of the have nots.

The richest people in the country have people for them to not help the less fortunate and the less fortunate being the majority,shows how out of touch the fighting party really is,....

The same party that lead this country Into war,in order to keep slaves. At some point you have to give the people what they want. Especially,if it's affordable. To say it bluntly,there may real reason why we sometimes feel like hell and want our life to end.

There may be real reason why such an emotional condition may linger and flatten us to the ground or make us want to scream like Munch man's on a bridge (a great painting sadly now almost relegated to a visual cliche',which is most definitely not).

Efforts and movements are sometimes brushed off as frivolous and fruitless,a decided waste of intellectual energy,time and social resources. Everybody wants a healthy body and nobody wants to be sick .. I, for one,don't like falling ill. very iften I get a cold,the blessing is so,great I get the flu! But the fact remains that everyone wants good health,and one of the important means for attaining it,is a stable mind.

For I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the Iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and forth generation of them that hate me. Exodus 20:5
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