I thank God,whom I serve from my fore fathers with pure conscience,that without ceasing I have remembrance of thee in my prayers night and day; as human beings we have intelligence and extraordinary abilities.

 Those who have more intelligence are more.farsighted,and those who are more able also have a greater responsibility toward themselves as well as others. My father often told stories of our family being part of the Cherokee tribe.

So,learning that they lived in North Carolina does.not.surprise me. He and my mom often spoke of.the Mohegan tribe.

My mom's first husband was African descent and somehow this tied into my dad's history of the Mohegan. He would speak Algonquin to my mom and she would answer him.

I did not know what was going on(smile)

He would say to me while sitting on.his.knee.that I was the last of the Mohegan I hope he is proud to Know I have two children and a grandchild. The Mohegan did not end with me.

 A colorful garment widely worn in West Africa that covers the top half of the body.My mom and dad wore these all the time. It's called a.dashiki. Truth is include the facticity of facts,but transcends mere facts. Facts are fluid come and gone; truth is greater than the sum of all facts,Definitions of Meaningful happiness can change as moral understandings Of the truth change.
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