All that I want is in Jesus; He satisfies,joy he supplies; life would be worthless without him,all things in Jesus I find.

Our needs will never exhaust God's supply.

Since New York City is home to crowds of highly competitive, critical commentators on everything that matters the bottom ranking of New York State rankled and wad vigorously challenged.

 The results could only be seen as misleading to those who ate.certain of the compelling importance and magnetism of Manhattan and the Empire State.

I have no idea how to solve global crises,so it's better to talk on a practical level.

Today, in addition to natural disasters,there are various man-Made problems such as the events in Bosnia. In our daily news reports and on TV,we can see how much these innocent people suffer. In other parts of the world too.

The book of Ecclesiastes. There We find some of the very same elements,the same sort of wild thinking and experimentation,and indeed the same sort of final weariness and faith intermingled.
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