Dear Father,you know how inadequate I am. Please equip me through the spirit to show love,and respect in my life so that others will see through me and see you.

A Christian is a living sermon whether or not he preaches a word. A trouble heart,A wearied mind are burdens hard to bare; A lack of peace,a heavy load are lifted by God's care.

People are the heart of God's heart. The mind is a wonderful thing. I like to think of the mind like a garden. It may require pulling weeds,trimming,pruning and cultivation with proper soil as well as fertilizer you could be on your way to better mental health.

There are techniques to neutralize the grosser level of mind after which the inner most subtle mind,then,is transformed into wisdom,which is more powerful than those wisdoms that are essentially in the category of grosser levels of mind.

If we do these things,we will also know something of" the righteousness" and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, which is the kingdom God - things we might not see so vividly or savor so well if we didn't also know something of the darkness of futility and death; realms not alien to God.

How much more it will be likely that God and the beloved community's joy in the life to come can heal innocent sufferings and frustrated lives on earth. And cannot the wounds and deformations springing from sin also be healed by transformations?
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