Then we turn,and took our journey into the Wilderness by the way of the Red Sea,as the Lord spake unto me: and we compassed mount Seir many days. His Holiness offers a clear and penetrating insight into the problems facing mankind and how Love,compassion and universal responsibility are required to skillfully solve these problems.

 Love,....it upholds and contains all things,but if itself contain by nothing; and therefore it is God.

 What Jesus does in his person is to demonstrate it.

Novelty attracts and compels interest just as familiarity produces contentment. Engaging in effective activity generates happiness,and so, does pleasurable and joyful rest contentment. Father,thank you for sending your son to be my savior and the greatest of friends.

Help me to learn from him how loving honest can make a difference in helping the hurting people around me: Jesus always tell the truth.
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