Father,may the focus of our lives never disrupt our ability to see others with the same eyes that Jesus sees them. Grant us your heart. May we yearn to introduce others to you.

If you look through the eyes of Jesus. You'll see a needy world.

Genesis 5:6 Seth lived an hundred and five year,and begat Enos

Not a foretaste of blessedness thus to love and thus to be loved; thus to help and thus to be helped and in this way from the sweetness of fraternal.charity to wing one's flight a loft to that more sublime splendor of divine love.

The demaracation between existence and non existence is: that which is perceived by a valid perception is existent and that which is not perceived by a valid perception is non existent. The spiritual path to recovery and a new happiness begins step by step, one day at a time.

AA claims it is a program of "progress,not perfection. Similarly,a Christian believer who accepts Jesus Christ as savior and who is baptized into the faith of the church renounces the power of sin over self and receives God's power for salvation.
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