He gives me work that I may seek, his rest he gives me strength to meet; the hardest test; And as I walk in providential grace, I find that joy goes with me, at God's pace.

When God gives an assignment, it comes with his enablement.

Hiram- The word Hiram means "My brother is Exalted"

In the end, speaking isn't the most important mark of friendship. Being with and standing by someone is.

That's what gain trust and confidence in someone else,allowing the other person to be the unique person he or she is in a relaxed manner.

 The traditional gifts and fruits of God's Holy Spirit have been seen as love, joy, peace, self-control, patience, courage, and counsel, among other good traits that lead to human flourishing. The traditional works of Mercy empowered by the Spirit have been denoted as:

admonishing, comforting, counseling, instructing, forgiving, and meeting concrete bodily human needs.
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