Nebuchadnezzar is widely known through his portrayal in the Bible, especially the book of Daniel as,The Bible discusses events of his reign and his conquest of Jerusalem.

For your holy book we thank you; may it's message be our guide,may we understand the wisdom of the truth your laws provide.

God's warnings are to protect us,not to punish us.

There is always danger in presuming to climb into God's throne to judge another or oneself not the least danger being the inability of one to know a human soul inside and out,which means that one must inevitably judge on the basis of a knowledge he cannot possibly possess.

If you are to remain in a three-year retreat and you meditate on hatred,you will never experience calmness,you will always feel uncomfortable and eventually you will lose your appetite,your sleep and your life.

That is what hatred does so,you see like a scientist we must try to examine the positive and negative aspects of these things constantly. We have whole full-bodied organic emotional responses tapping into deeper streams of experience than logical abstract thought.

We are not computers or machines. We need our emotional hot cognitions,our qualia,or our spontaneous gut-intuitive responses to be fully human.
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