For further thought, read these Bible verses and ponder Jesus's love for you (Rom 5:8 Rom 8:37-39; Heb. 13: 5-6,8; 1John 3:1) allow your devotion to him to grow. Christ deserves full time followers.

I Think about the time,when Jesus was telling everyone (disciples) things might get rough up ahead and how they were not going to handle it well. Peter,especially stated how he would never leave Jesus side.

Jesus said you will deny me three times. Before the counsel,someone said he's one of them. Peter in fact stated three times.

I don't know him and Jesus heard Peter's voice ,beaten and weak with a black eye closed shut (from the unjust beating) Jesus turned to look at Peter and Peter (remembering what Jesus said) he ran

  I identified so,much with Jesus,which also helped me to know my own spirit ,I Resonated with Jesus, Peter I did not really understand,Jesus did not Say yes he was. In life I have come to understand some people are fine with what peter did.

 I have a hard time betraying others to save myself. We are all sinners by birth,no one is free from sin. God gives to his servants this promise you'll not have to face life alone; for when you grow weak in your struggle,his strength will prevail not your own lord,

 mediate on your precepts and contemplate your ways.I delight myself in your statues; I will not forget your word open my eyes that I may see wondrous things from your law

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