Lord, we know that we don't need to fear the storms of life. Because you are good, we can trust you to use even our hard times to build our faith in you. We lean on you now; The storms that threatens to destroy us God will use to strengthen us.

In light of the incarnation, everything becomes subject to redefinition. Redefined,then. Friendship for the follower of Jesus must accordingly be something leading to,or assisting a person's salvation.

It begins in Christ,continues in Christ,and finds it's perfection in Christ.

It is extremely important to understand the possibility of achieving the cessation of suffering and removing the causes of such suffering. It's through such understanding that we will be able to create a strong aspiration to remove suffering,it is extremely important to understand what those suffering are.

The higherpower gives enabling power to a person who opens him or herself to receive the gift of grace.
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