Put your giftedness to work joyfully cooperate with the giftedness of those around you and let the wind of the spirit use you for his glory! Lord, teach us to use our strengths in cooperation with the strength of others.

Help us to serve as one, so that we might know the joy of the power of our own togetherness for your name's sake and the advance of your kingdom. We can accomplish more together then we can alone.

As the son of God Jesus could have avoided the suffering torture and cruelty. He was utterly without sin and did not deserve to die. But love, the fuel that drives true sacrifice,drove him to the cross.

As a result,we can be forgiven if we will accept his sacrifice and  by faith. Have you trusted the one who laid down his life for you?  'Twas not martyr's death he died, The Christ of Calvary; he made for you-for me

Only Jesus, the perfect sacrifice,can declare guilty people perfect.
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