Interesting read, letters sent to O.J.Simpson

The incredible effrontery of your "100% not guilty" lie boggles the imagination. A chronic wife beater,coming from a violent "sport" earning obscene money,is a pathetic excuse for a man. Now there's enough circumstantial evidence to convict a dozen people. Get off our backs with your expensive lawyers trading on your celebrity. This circus cost us taxpayers too much. See the light & plea bargain.

Helen Stanton
Los Angeles CA

To:O.J. Simpson
You scumbag and coward. You should have shot yourself in the bronco- coward! Beating up on women and killing two unarmed people in your selfish rage,you will undoubtedly"get off" but that's ok save room for the wrath of God. And one day your children will know who took their mother away. I am just an average middle aged house wife(white) with a wonderful (black) husband of 12 years.

(anonymous) postmark: Van NYS.CA

This is my first letter-ever- sent to a celebrity.

To be honest,I never had much thought about it. There was no physical evidence and,well...interesting
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