Despicable Me (In Jesus Name)

The great lie of modern world is that of "science" can discover the truth through empirical research.

No one should deny the value and grandeur revealed since the science revolution began, nor make an attempt to contradict the scientific quest with the religious one. But science uncovers facts,not truth.

Truth includes facticity of facts,but transcends mere facts.  Facts are fluid, come and gone; truth greater than the sum of all facts.

Philosophy and religion deal with truth; science is not equipped to do this,even if it adds to the philosophical and religious questions that are asked. There is another type of anger that is not very forceful.

One way to deal with the anger towards one enemy is to focus on the enemy good qualities. Try an develop respect and sympathy instead. As in pratityasamutpada, every object has many aspects and faces.

 Almost no object can be wholly negative. Everything has a positive side to it. When anger develops, our minds perceives only the negative aspect. I am never wandering lonely as a cloud through life, but always subject to surrounding wind,temperature, and prevailing atmospheric conditions.

So, too, real experiences of happiness can range on a continuum and on levels, with different degrees of intensity,breadth,mixtures, and shifting patterns. The most singular difference between happiness and Joy is that happiness is a solid and joy a liquid. People gracefully celebrate the happy turn of events in their lives. The writer of Ezra tells of the time when God's scattered and exiled people celebrated their return with scared festivals and worship. Ezra 3:1-7
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