Uniquely You

Matthew 23:19 How blind you are! Which is the more important, the gift or the altar which makes the gift holy?Judges 3:17Then he took the gifts to Eglon, who was a very fat man.

2 Chronicles 31:9The king spoke to the priests and the Levites about these gifts,Psalms 16:6 How wonderful are your gifts to me; how good they are! Psalms 127:3 Children are a gift from the Lord ; they are a real blessing.

1 Corinthians 13:9 For our gifts of knowledge and of inspired messages are only partial;1 Corinthians 7:7 Actually I would prefer that all of you were as I am; but each one has a special gift from God, one person this gift, another one that gift.

Job 6:22 Have I asked you to give me a gift or to bribe someone on my behalf. Psalms 68:29 from your Temple in Jerusalem, where kings bring gifts to you.Sirach (Ecclesiasticus) 51:22

The Lord gave me a gift for words, and I have used it in his praise.

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