Joshua 19:2 It included Beersheba, Sheba, Moladah,Genesis 15:19 including the lands of the Kenites, the Kenizzites, the Kadmonites,Joshua 19:18 Its area included Jezreel, Chesulloth, Shunem,

Joshua 19:41 Its area included Zorah, Eshtaol, Irshemesh,James 2:17 So it is with faith: if it is alone and includes no actions, then it is dead.Exodus 14:7 He set out with all his chariots, including the 600 finest, commanded by their officers.

Numbers 31:11 They took all the loot that they had captured, including the prisoners and the animals,Joshua 19:25 Its area included Helkath, Hali, Beten, Achshaph,1 Chronicles 8:14 Beriah's descendants included Ahio, Shashak, Jeremoth,

1 Chronicles 8:17 Elpaal's descendants included Zebadiah, Meshullam, Hizki, Heber,1 Chronicles 8:19 Shimei's descendants included Jakim, Zichri, Zabdi,1 Chronicles 8:22 Shashak's descendants included Ishpan, Eber, Eliel,1 Chronicles 8:22 Shashak's descendants included Ishpan, Eber, Eliel,1 Chronicles 23:14 But the sons of Moses, the man of God, were included among the Levites.)

Genesis 10:10 At first his kingdom included Babylon, Erech, and Accad, all three of them in Babylonia.
Genesis 14:11 The four kings took everything in Sodom and Gomorrah, including the food, and went away.
Genesis 34:26 including Hamor and his son Shechem. Then they took Dinah from Shechem's house and left.Leviticus 1:8 They shall put on the fire the pieces of the animal, including the head and the fat.

Leviticus 4:11 But he shall take its skin, all its flesh, its head, its legs, and its internal organs including the intestines, Numbers 1:49 “When you take a census of the men fit for military service, do not include the tribe of Levi. Numbers 19:5 The whole animal, including skin, meat, blood, and intestines, is to be burnt in the presence of the priest Deuteronomy 23:1 “No man who has been castrated or whose penis has been cut off may be included among the Lord 's people. Joshua 10:7 So Joshua and his whole army, including the best troops, started out from Gilgal.Joshua 13:11 It included Gilead, the regions of Geshur and Maacah, all Mount Hermon, and all of Bashan as far as Salecah.
Joshua 13:17 It included Heshbon and all the cities on the plateau: Dibon, Bamoth Baal, Beth Baalmeon,
1 Samuel 30:18 David rescued everyone and everything the Amalekites had taken, including his two wives;1 Kings 14:26 He took away all the treasures in the Temple and in the palace, including the gold shields Solomon had made.

1 Chronicles 6:55 This included Hebron in the territory of Judah and the pasture lands round it.
Nehemiah 11:15 Shemaiah, the son of Hasshub and grandson of Azrikam. His ancestors included Hashabiah and Bunni.
Psalms 69:28 May their names be erased from the book of the living; may they not be included in the list of your people.

Psalms 87:6 The Lord will write a list of the peoples and include them all as citizens of Jerusalem.Psalms 106:4 Remember me, Lord , when you help your people; include me when you save them.

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