Tobit 4:8 Give according to what you have. The more you have, the more you should give. Even if you have only a little, be sure to give something. Psalms 104:30 But when you give them breath, they are created; you give new life to the earth.

Exodus 21:1 “Give the Israelites the following laws: Numbers 3:48 and give this money to Aaron and his sons.” Numbers 18:29 Give it from the best that you receive.

Job 27:3 as long as God gives me breath,Job 39:17 It was I who made her foolish and did not give her wisdom.

Psalms 66:14 I will give you what I said I would when I was in trouble.Sirach (Ecclesiasticus) 30:21 Don't deliberately torture yourself by giving in to depression. 2 Esdras 12:12 But he was not given the same interpretation of it that I am giving you.

Matthew 7:10 Or would you give him a snake when he asks for a fish?
Luke 11:12 Or would you give him a scorpion when he asks for an egg?
Ephesians 4:27

Don't give the Devil a chance.

1 Timothy 4:11
Give them these instructions and these teachings. Genesis 25:31
Jacob answered, “I will give it to you if you give me your rights as the firstborn son.”

Exodus 22:29 “Give me the offerings from your corn, your wine, and your olive oil when they are due. “Give me your firstborn sons. Psalms 50:14
Let the giving of thanks be your sacrifice to God, and give the Almighty all that you promised.

Proverbs 21:26 all they do is think about what they would like to have. The righteous, however, can give, and give generously. Isaiah 43:4 I will give up whole nations to save your life, because you are precious to me and because I love you and give you honour.

Tobit 4:16 “Give food to the hungry and clothes to people in need. If you are prosperous, give generously, and do it gladly! Wisdom 9:4 Give me the Wisdom that sits beside your throne; give me a place among your children.

The art of giving is a selfless act,when you give,...the bible says you should be prepared not to receive,but that's just a part of giving,...the very thing that is inside od you,that permits you to have the thought of giving, Is a quiet blessing,...you have already received.

So,Give! Don't be afraid to give. Don't be ashamed to give.

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