Open Ended (con't)

Bel and the Dragon 1:12 In the morning when you return, if you find that Bel has not eaten everything, you can put us to death. But if he has, Daniel will die for making false accusations against us."

Bel and the Dragon 1:13 But the priests were not worried, because they had made a secret entrance underneath a table in the temple, so that they could go in every night and eat the offerings.

Bel and the Dragon 1:14 When the priests had left, the king set out the food for Bel. Then Daniel ordered his servants to bring some ashes and scatter them all over the floor of the temple. No one except the king saw them do this.

After that they all went out, locked the door, sealed it with the royal seal, and left. Bel and the Dragon 1:15 That night, as usual, the priests with their wives and children came into the temple by the secret entrance and ate all the food and drank all the wine.

Bel and the Dragon 1:16 Early the next morning, the king and Daniel went to the temple.

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