Job 6:1 But Job, responding, said:
Exodus 33:18 And he said, "Show me your glory."Isaiah 28:27For coriander cannot be threshed with a saw, and a cartwheel cannot revolve over cumin. Instead, coriander is shaken out with a stick, and cumin with a staff.

Job 9:1And Job, responding, said:
Zechariah 1:20 And the Lord showed me four workmen.

Zechariah 8:4 Thus says the Lord of hosts: Then elderly men and elderly women will dwell in the streets of Jerusalem, and every man will be with his walking stick in his hand.

The multitude of days.Job 12:1Then Job, answering, said:Luke 24:40 And when he had said this, he showed them his hands and feet. 1 Kings 17:12 And she responded:

"As the Lord your God lives, I have no bread, except a handful of flour in a jar, and a little oil in a bottle. See, I am collecting a couple of sticks, so that I may go in and make it for myself and my son.

That we may eat it and die."
Job 19:1 But Job answered by saying: Exodus 20:6 and showing mercy to thousands of those who love me and keep my precepts.

Exodus 39:34 the veil, the ark, the bars, the propitiatory,Job 19:1 But Job answered bysaying:
Exodus 23:3Likewise, you shall not show pity in judgment of the poor.

Exodus 35:13 the table with its bars and vessels, and the bread of the presence, Job 21:1 Then Job responded by saying: Job 37:15 Do you know when God ordered the rains, so as to show the light of his clouds?

Job 38:10 I encircled it with my limits, and I positioned its bars and doors. Job 23:1 Then Job answered by saying: 1 Maccabees 6:34 And they showed the elephants the blood of grapes and mulberries, to provoke them to fight.

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