John 1:27 The same is he who is to come after me, who has been placed ahead of me, the laces of whose shoes I am not worthy to loosen."
Psalm 120:3 May he not allow your foot to be moved.

And may he not slumber, who guards you. 1 Chronicles 12:32 Also, from the sons of Issachar, there were learned men, who knew each of the times, in order to anticipate what Israel ought to do.

Two hundred leaders. And all the remainder of the tribe were following their counsel. John 1:30 This is the one about whom I said, 'After me arrives a man, who has been placed ahead of me.

He existed before me.' Sirach 23:9 Do not allow your mouth to become accustomed to swearing oaths. For in this, there are many pitfalls.
Psalm 68:21 All those who trouble me are in your sight.

My heart has anticipated reproach and misery. And I sought for one who might grieve together with me.

And for one who might console me, and I found no one. Romans 3:9 What is next? Should we try to excel ahead of them? By no means! For we have accused all Jews and Greeks to be under sin.

Sirach 23:17 Do not allow your mouth to become accustomed to undisciplined speech.

For in this, there is the sin of words.

Romans 8:23 and not only these, but also ourselves, since we hold the first-fruits of the Spirit. For we also groan within ourselves, anticipating our adoption as the sons of God, and the redemption of our body.

Titus 3:13 Send Zenas the lawyer and Apollo ahead with care, and let nothing be lacking to them.

Sirach 33:26 He works under discipline, and he seeks rest. Allow his hands to be idle, and he seeks liberty. James 5:7 Therefore, be patient, brothers, until the advent of the Lord.

Consider that the farmer anticipates the precious fruit of the earth, waiting patiently, until he receives the early and the late rains.Judges 7:24 And Gideon sent messengers throughout all of Mount Ephraim.

saying, "Descend to meet Midian, and occupy the waters ahead of them as far as Bethbarah and the Jordan." And all of Ephraim cried out, and they occupied the waters ahead of them, from the Jordan even to Bethbarah.

Matthew 8:22 But Jesus said to him, "Follow me, and allow the dead to bury their dead." Luke 10:41 And the Lord responded by saying to her: "Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled over many things.

Genesis 22:5 And he said to his servants: "Wait here with the donkey. I and the boy will hurry further ahead to that place. After we have worshipped, will return to you."
Acts 2:27 For you will not abandon my soul to Hell.

Nor will you allow your Holy One to see corruption.1 Samuel 9:20 And concerning the donkeys, which were lost the day before yesterday, you should not be anxious, for they have been found.

And all the best things of Israel, for whom should they be? Will they not be for you and for all your father's house?" Genesis 45:7 And God sent me ahead, so that you may be preserved upon the earth.

And so that you would be able to have food in order to live. Romans 12:21 Do not allow evil to prevail, instead prevail over evil by means of goodness.

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