Who is like unto thee, O lord, among the Gods? who is like thee glorious in holiness, fearful praises, doing wonders? The lord shall reign for ever and ever. I want to tell you that the gigantic work of renewal which administration is beginning to carry out cannot be completed successfully without the support and the daily, steadfast cooperation of the workers in comparison with the parent-child relationship in the home usually reflects the objective culture conditions of the surrounding social structure. 

If the conditions which penetrate the home are authoritarian,the home will increase, as these authoritian relations between parents and children intensify, children in their infancy increasingly internalize the paternal authority,The atmosphere of the home is prolonged in the school, where the students soon discover that in order to achieve some satisfaction they must adapt to the precepts which have been set from above i'm fascinated by the similarities between Malcolm X  and Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr. for instance, neither could have been much less concerned about acquiring material possessions, and both were obsessed with their work but felt guilty about being away from their families, who pursued their widely variant philosophies (toward the same goal) unity for all. 

The two men felt mutual admiration and respect. They would be pleased to know that their daughters, today are friends and work closely together in a theater group.
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