And uto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write: These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness,the beginning of the creation of God. Behold, I stand at the door, and knock; if any one hear my voice,and open the door I will come into them,and will sup with them and them with me.

I want to say to be completely devoid of melcancholy in today's world a world rife with terrorism,war,a multitude of addictions,lack of moral direction,starvation,exploitation,poverty,pornography,abortion,senseless violence, vandalism,etcetera,etcetera,-is to be lacking something vital to common humanity.

Anything calling itself "faith" that sets itself against the essential human feeling that engenders melancholy is in fact a fraud.

Thank the good lord, then for the safer alternative of "faithful skepticism"-skepticism is precisely the frame of mind,we should adopt toward a great deal of what we see and hear around us in the religious context, just as in te political,social,and  economic spheres.

Bombarded as we are by tripe, idiocy, propaganda,lying,"humor,"and in other words "sound bites"-we are fools if we aren't skeptical at some level.

skepticism is the intellectual correlate of melancholy;a direct consequence of distress or dissatisfaction.

Again, faith should not be supplanted by scholastic theological nit-picking or some  vast and heavy octopus-pup of canonical legalismand morallism,Faith is primarily relational, sometimes gritty, and menat to be engaged with the world as Jesus Christ was. Mental training is crucial for good health.

Good health and stability of the mind signify a good and happier life and a sound future. If we have determination and wisdom-wisdom implying knowledge, is how to tran the mind.

Eventually, with the passage of time our mind can change and improve Meditation may bring our shadow issues to our awareness. It is this intentional openness to God whlile setting aside thoughts that makes prayer so deeply transformational.

Christianity mandate certain practices if happiness is to be found.

The Christian's hope is "sure and steadfast" christian hope is fixed upon God and his word. In Romans 15, Paul called for unity among the followers of Christ-"that you may with one mind and one mouth glorify the God and father of our lord Jesus Christ "

A unity that had been considered impossible became reality as people who had been deeply divided began thanking God together for his mercy shown  in Christ. We are filled with joy,peace,and hope "by the power of the holy spirit"
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