Game Changer

God wants our ears To be open and ready to hear him as he speaks to us through his word.

Sometimes however, our spiritual ears may be blocked by the background noise of the surrounding Cultures or the siren songs of temptation and sin.

There can be. "darkness," in the life of faith Christians Who find these perplexing and troublesome things occupying a space in their minds should not be ashamed of them,it is the fundamental belief-I am my brother's, I am my sister's keeper-that makes this country work.

We worship an awesome God. We are one people. Here is the patience of the saints; Here are they that keep the commandments of God,and the faith of Jesus.

 And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me,write,blessed are the dead which die in the lord from hench Forth Renunciation of three poisonous minds ignorance,attachment and hatred. This creates all problems in our life,now and in the future,especially the problems caused by the ego-centered mind and self-cherishing thoughts that harms. Something has to be developed in the fundamental spiritual path of compassion and loving kindness to others .

A happy society would be a just society where basic trust and equality  opportunity and dignity exist for each individual.
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